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Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Few Nibbles and a Bit of News

The reason I have been missing in action on here is I have thrown myself into the last few months of work for the launch of the new and improved Spice Doc site. It will still live at www.thespicedoc.com but not too long from now you will be directed to a fresh new site, with lots of exciting functions that will be unveiled when it's up. Who knew it could take so much love and work to build one of these? I have had my phenomenal friend, artist, and designer, Patricia Callison, imagining away at this for over a year now. If you want to see her incredible work go to Made in Mind. And about 6 months or so ago, Conor Browne, the Spice Doc programmer, joined and has been making Trish's beautiful ideas come to life with his own brilliance. In the meantime I chip away at the content little by little.

While I've been doing that, I've also been cooking up a (medicinal) storm with all kinds of herbs and ingredients, studying Mandarin 4 hours+++ every day, and have begun to translate medicinal cook book recipes into English. A few chefs have opened their doors for me to show me one on one their secret medicinal recipes. And many more people have shared what they've learned from their grandmothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, doctors, etc. in terms of the strongly ingrained culture of medicinal cooking here in China. Every day I'm learning something new. There's not much more you can ask for! I can't wait to share that with everyone, TCM practitioners and laymen alike.

See you very soon!


MRMNK and DJOULSSS said...

hi, it sounds great, can't wait for your next posts!! :)

Shu Han said...

can't wait!

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