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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oysters in Paris

We just celebrated a lovely Christmas in Paris. Here is a little taste of what we had, briney and succulent oysters. We are right smack in the season for these, but you can use the general rule of thumb to calculate when to have them: all the R months, meaning OctoberR, NovembeR, DecembeR..and so on. In Chinese medicine these are considered good for your kidneys, and therefore your fertility and sexual energy. Must be why everyone says they are an aphrodisiac...more on oysters another time. Have a wonderful holiday!


Julia said...

What could be more divine than Oysters in Paris for Christmas??? I mean, come on. That's incredible!

The Spice Doc said...

Yes, oysters in Paris for Christmas was beyond divine and I think I ate my fair share (as well as everyone elses!). I am no doubt fertile beyond belief according to TCM theory now!