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Monday, July 13, 2009

Truffle Salt

You may recall that I wrote about truffles and truffle pigs (which hunt truffles) some time ago. I also wrote about salt not too long after that. Well my friends, I have found a product which married the two into one glorious addictive beautiful can't say enough about spice: Truffle Salt. I even mentioned this in my post on The Spice House in Chicago, which is where I procured this lovely salt. Truth be told I stupidly didn't buy a batch the last time I was at the store and continued to obsess and think about it until I went back with some friends from out of town who wanted to buy salt and this time, there was no way I could leave without it. My friends actually very sweetly treated me to this rather pricey delicacy which was $14 for a 2 ounce bottle, but I have to tell you, this is completely worth it's weight in gold! For the last three days everyone who has walked through our front door has been subjected to a sniff of the jar, followed by a taste and overall the reaction has been "oooooo, and aaaaaahhh". While I have loved truffles before, I never had the opportunity to have a whole jar like this of something I can use on lots of things without having to prep the little truffle, this salt sprinkles easily and is so aromatic and sexy it has me a bit bewitched. I am finally understanding the truffle allure and why people (and pigs) hunt it out like madmen! This IS an aphrodisiac and it is just a bonus that it happens to be medicinal as well, it's excellent for your liver and the salt combo makes it grounding. While you can find it at The Spice House in Chicago it is from Perugia, Italy where it is made combining Guerande grey sea salt with white truffle flakes that infuse the whole jar so that the minute the cap comes off it hits you with memories of love and some other mysterious mystical feeling. And on that note, I will leave you because it is calling my name and I think I may just sprinkle some on a softly boiled egg for lunch! Here is an interesting article in the Times Online UK that discusses the sensual allure of truffles and also some recent developments regarding it's possible extinction. If this were to go extinct after falling truly and madly in love with it, I don't know what I would do. Go try some.

The lovely egg I had today with the pig holder I bought in Cornwall.

The truffle salt on a medium boiled egg (I think a more soft boiled version would work even better but it was delicious nonetheless).

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