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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Spice House in Chicago

Below are a few pictures from our trip to the Spice House in Chicago which I have been hearing about for a while. Today was perhaps not the best day to peruse as there were a million people in there for the Wells Street Fair but I will go back soon. The lovely aisles were full of chili peppers (powdered and dried from all over), salt, all kinds of spices and spice combos, books, and tastings (or sniffings) of everything. I spent most of my time in the salt section tasting the Hawaiian Black Lava and Red Alaea salts, Himalayan pink salt, and my favorite by far - a sea salt blend with truffle infusion!!! UNBELIEVABLE. Immediately upon letting the yummy salt and truffle crystals melt on my tongue I imagined all the things I could lightly season with it.. a simple pasta with butter, a cracker with a creamy cheese and a dash of salt, french fries were recommended by the staff, I am still dreaming up things. Sooo tasty and incredible how a little truffle goes a long way. Thumbs up for the Spice House, a great shop to go to and the prices were pretty decent as well.

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