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Friday, October 9, 2009

Michael Pollan's Food Rules

Michael Pollan is apparently coming out with a book on "food rules", it is not necessarily more food and nutrition noise I'm happy to say but just little bits and bobs on the culture of food in our own homes, slightly similar in vein to the topic I touched on here and here back in May on "What Your Grandma Knows". I would love to keep expanding on this and was inspired to see Mr. Pollan (who's website link you can find if you scroll down on the right) has come out with something we could all use a little of, some lovely intrinsic cultural food knowledge versus more noise! Here is a quote that I enjoyed from the New York Times article on this topic: "It's better to pay the grocer than the doctor". So true. And, while we're on that topic if you care to share any of your own food knowledge here such as another wonderful example "Starve a cold, feed a fever", please do! I will be doing another "What Your Grandma Knows Part II" posting soon. Thank you!

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