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Monday, June 1, 2009

Salt Posting Coming!

A picture of Dead Sea salt (above) and one of the many locations where salt is harvested from.

For those of you that have not contemplated salt, where it comes from, what it should look (and taste) like, where to get it, what it does for you medicinally, I've done a lot of this the last few years and would love to share. Besides being quite addicted to chilies, one of my other loves is salt. This entry could be much like that of garlic, a longggg beautiful entry with history, love, war, medicine, and recipes but I will try to keep it blog-readable and somewhat condensed. It will be up tonight or tomorrow, so check in soon. If you're eating that iodized thin Morton's stuff, PLEASE check back in for sure as there is much to know about this super important and probably the most used mineral and condiment in your cabinet.

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