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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gin, Ginger, and Lemongrass

If you want want to drink a cocktail that is refreshing and (technically) healthy, then go for a gin, ginger, and lemongrass cocktail this summer! Gin was originally brewed as a medicinal liquor. You can make your ginger flavored gin from scratch by infusing your gin with fresh slices of ginger or you can just simply buy a tasty ginger ale brand, mix one part of gin with 3 parts ginger ale, one stick of lemon grass, and a splash of fresh lime juice and you're all set! If you want to make it from scratch:

1. Slice up fresh ginger and infuse into gin, you can cheat and use voldka if you aren't into gin (see "Healing Wines" posting for more details) - let this sit for two weeks but you can reduce it to one week if you are just doing it for the cocktail's sake.
2. Mix one part of ginger gin, 3 parts soda water, 1 tbspn (or more) of simple syrup, honey, or sugar, and a good splash of lime. Wash and cut into sufficient length for your glass one lemongrass stalk.

*Medicinal Note:
Ginger is an excellent digestive and overall harmonizing herb. Lemongrass is also very beneficial in aiding digestion as well as in cooling the body down (perfect for summer!).
**Gin is technically like a voldka but flavored with herbs or berries (usually juniper berries).

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Anonymous said...

This sounds soooo tasty! I love lemongrass and must try it soon! And ... the watermelon rind concept is wonderful. I will be sure to use this on our next day of outdoor activities! -- Pepper