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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Miso and Udon Soup Because it's Cold Again!

Unfortunately, the cold has slinked back into Chicago and because of this all the lovely cool summer foods I'd usually be cooking are on hold until further rays of sunshine heat us up again. Today to warm myself up after a jog outside, followed by a fear of pneumonia from the wind and chill, I made some udon miso soup (an excellent cold preventative in the early stages) with a medium hard egg split in half, some scallions, sesame seeds, crispy garlic, dash of hot chili flakes, dash of vinegar, and ... heaven. I added this picture to the posting I did in April on miso under 'Keeping a Cold away', you can check that one out for more detailed info if you are in danger of catching a cold now as I was after being silly and prematurely running outside. Remember to add the scallions at the last possible moment (make sure the white part is added) so that you harness the most medicinal benefit from them! Don't over boil the miso paste as it is only meant to be heated. Miso is made from fermenting soy beans with salt - another link to the wonderful uses of salt below. Enjoy!

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