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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spicy Show

Wow! I had no clue that taping a cooking show would be this labor intensive. We taped from 2 p.m. to 1 a.m. for a 30 min segment! As La Donna Tittle said, it was a labor of love and it was well worth it as I had an incredible amount of Tittleacious fun.

I demonstrated how to plant Thai chiles - which hopefully will be giving birth to many chile babies in about two months. It is finally, officially, warm enough outside and the plants can bask in the sun. We took a shot of me giving La Donna an abbreviated Acupuncture treatment and then moved on to cook. I presented a quick display of chiles from around the world, and on to the featured dish : larb moo. I think the audience (my brother and my husband) were a little petrified of just how much spice I put in this northeastern regional Thai dish, but I was cooking 5 lbs. of ground pork after all so it needed a substantial amount in my fine spiceaholic opinion.

Without further ado, here are the pictures of the shoot. I will post the recipe for larb moo (pronounced laap moo) at the end of this. And I would like to mention again for the sake of continuity here that the spicy nature of foods is particularly good in treating lung and skin conditions/ailments. A good example of when to use it might be when you have the type of asthma that acts up in the winter and you expectorate a lot of whitish phlegm, then a little spice would go a long ways! There are of course many other situations and you can always post a comment and I'll tell you if that might particularly relate to eating chile as a medicinal.

La Donna Tittle getting ready for the shoot.

Me, planting chile's outside.

The crew fiddling with the camera.

Shooting my Acupuncture office.

Acupuncture office.

In the kitchen right before we begin shooting the cooking portion.

Miriam and La Donna looking through the camera view.

Our audience.

The chile display!

La Donna and I being funny.

Now we're serious.

Pepe (the camera man) and I post shoot.

Larb Moo (pronounced Laap Moo)

* 1 lb ground pork
* dried chile powder
* fresh small chile's (Thai preferrably but you can substitute with others)
* cilantro
* scallions
* mint
* shallots (can be substituted with red onion)
* lime
* fish sauce
* toasted ground rice powder (found in Asian grocery stores)
* white cabbage
* long green beans

1. fry pork in a skillet (you can make it browned or add a little water to finish cooking by boiling lightly)

2. once pork is cooked, transfer into a bowl and mix with : fish sauce 1 tbspn & 1 whole lime (add more or less to taste so it's tart but salty), minced scallions & cilantro, finely sliced into half moons or minced shallots, whole mint leaves, toasted ground rice powder, 1 tspn chile powder (or more if you can handle spice - 1 tbspn recommended if so), 1-2 finely chopped fresh chile's, mix well

3. serve with cabbage leaves and long green beans from Asian grocery stores if you can find them

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