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Monday, April 27, 2009

Fancy Ice for the Summer!

Summer is getting closer though you wouldn't know it from the freezing weather one day to the weirdly warm the next here in Chicago. In any case, we must begin preparing by making lots of trays of ice with fun things in them! Yesterday I made ice with Gou Qi Zi, also known as wolfberries, these are good for your kidney's, liver, eyes and blood in TCM. I also made ice with mint (good for cooling and moving your circulation), and chile (to put in Bloody Mary's!). Even though the ingredients are technically good for you, ice should be used in moderation even in the summer because cold will kill your digestion, which I'll probably say over and over again. However, I don't care when it comes to ice in the summer! I love ice. I'm an ice renegade in the TCM world, even when I was living in China and they rarely served ice with your drinks as it's looked upon as "bad (for your digestion)" I was still into it. So, here is the ice with a twist of fun/medicinal value, perhaps...

Chile Ice in a Bloody Mary!

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